Born and raised in Roanoke, Peter has spent his life in the service of others fighting for fair wages and benefits, providing life-saving emergency care, and building stronger communities. While working in the hospitality industry, Peter represented his fellow workers to negotiate a contract with a large hotel chain to increase workers wages, expand sick leave, increase health benefits, and implement a safer work environment. Working with patients as an EMT, Peter saw first-hand how unjust the healthcare system can be putting profits before patients. He believes healthcare is a right for all citizens. Now, Peter helps improve communities across the globe as a regional planner. His work as a planner has helped build healthier neighborhoods, reduce poverty in developing communities, increase economic development, reduce disaster risks related to climate change, and increase the sustainability of both urban and rural areas.

Peter lives in Roanoke with his husband, Malcolm Quigley, and their dog, Rula, who they rescued while living in Mozambique. Peter’s mother, Fran Figari, taught at Cave Spring and Oak Grove Elementary schools and his father, Jimmy Volosin, is the proprietor of “Jimmy V’s” restaurant in Roanoke. Peter is an avid swimmer and qualified for the 2008 US Olympic Trials. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and urban studies from Brown University and a master’s degree in regional planning from Georgetown University.