Ben Cline Wrong Choice for the 6th District

ROANOKE, VA - Since he first went to Congress in 1993, Bob Goodlatte has presided over growing inequality and shrinking opportunity. He’s made a career of helping his donors at the expense of the hard-working folks of the 6th District. Now, his former aide and anointed successor is the Republican candidate to replace him. The 6th District can’t go on any further with Bob or his cronies at the helm.

Ben Cline is a man who has chosen to devote his energy and power towards useless legislation to ban sanctuary cities and cruel attacks on women’s reproductive rights, all while one in seven of our neighbors lives in poverty. We don’t need 25 more years of the stale and ineffective policies that Cline’s old boss offered us. This region needs new leadership and a fresh start - a revitalized economy driven by small businesses and farms. I will work every day to build that fresh start, so that everyone in the 6th District has the best opportunities for success.