Champion for Equality, Delegate Mark Levine Endorses Peter Volosin for Congress

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Virginia Delegate and champion for equality, Mark Levine, has officially endorsed Peter Volosin in Virginia’s 6th Congressional District race.

“Equality is the core of who we are as Democrats. From equal rights, to access to healthcare, to equal opportunities to have a good life - it's what we are about. When it seems like the inequality is getting worse, it’s time to send more Democrats to Congress. I proudly endorse Peter knowing he will be a voice for equality for Virginia and our country," said Del. Levine.

Mark Levine was elected to the General Assembly in 2015 after decades of activism. For nearly two decades, Levine has been a vocal advocate for the rights of survivors of domestic abuse as well as LGBT Americans. Prior to becoming a legislator, Levine was a journalist, where he often shone a light on attacks on people’s civil liberties. Today, Levine is one of three openly gay members of the House of Delegates.

“We know Del. Levine keeps the Constitution close to his heart. He loves this country and fights for what’s right. That’s why we are so honored to earn the endorsement of this champion of equality for all Virginians," said Peter Volosin.