Thank You Bob Goodlatte

IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 9, 2017 

Roanoke, VA - Candidate Peter Volosin made the following statement in reference to Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s retirement announcement:

“I would like to thank Bob Goodlatte for his decades of service in the House of Representatives.

Since I announced, my campaign has focused on the need for a fresh start across the 6th District. Bob Goodlatte’s retirement today shows that he too believes it’s time for new energy and a new vision. My vision for the future is a Congress that can put partisan differences aside and work to achieve results for all our constituents.

As a Roanoke native, I am proud to be running as a Democrat to represent the 6th District in Congress. I will fight to ensure we have access to quality affordable healthcare, to combat climate change, and to revamp our economy leading to new industries and jobs throughout the district. It is time for a fresh start here in the Blue Ridge.”