SMART Union’s Transportation Workers Endorse Peter Volosin's Campaign for Congress

Today the transportation workers of SMART Union endorsed Peter Volosin as their membership’s choice for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District. This division of the union represents railroad, air service, and transportation workers. With over 500 local chapters, it is the largest railroad operating union in the U.S.

“As a former union organizer, Peter’s been on the front lines fighting for workers’ rights. He impressed our membership with his knowledge of the issues facing our industry and his vision for the future. In Congress, we know he will be in our corner, fighting for unions. We are getting on board Peter’s campaign and look forward to having this advocate for workers’ rights in Washington,” said Ronnie Hobbs, SMART’s Virginia State Legislative Director.

“I am honored to have this endorsement from my union brethren. As someone who’s walked a picket line and fought for my rights as a worker, I know how powerful it can be when we stand together,” said Peter Volosin.