State Senator John Edwards Endorses Peter Volosin’s Bid for Congress

ROANOKE, VA - Virginia State Senator, John Edwards, endorsed Peter Volosin today in his race for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District. Sen. Edwards represents District 21, which includes Roanoke City and Roanoke County.

“Peter Volosin stands out as a candidate for the 6th Congressional District,” said State Senator Edwards. “Born and raised in Roanoke, he received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and a Master’s Degree from Georgetown University. His career has been working to improve the lives of other people and build a stronger economy. He supports higher wages, improved health care, improved transportation and building better communities.”

“Peter has experience as a economic planner, promoting healthier neighborhoods, reducing poverty, creating jobs, and reducing the risks due to climate change,” the Senator added. “As a student he was an outstanding athlete and qualified for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials as a swimmer. I believe Peter will well represent the hard working families in the 6th Congressional District.”

Edwards is known for his many legislative successes that have benefited the region, most notably, returning Amtrak service to Roanoke, establishing and expanding the Roanoke Higher Education Center, and making it easier for small businesses to raise needed capital. He’s also been an outspoken advocate of progressive issues in the General Assembly like opposing the pipeline, improving voter access and expanding Medicaid.

“We’re honored to accept the endorsement of someone who has worked so hard to better our community. He’s been a tireless advocate for our region and our values, and I look forward to learning from his experience on the campaign trail,” said candidate Peter Volosin.