Bringing a Fresh Start to the Blue Ridge




Bringing a Fresh Start to the Blue Ridge



In Virginia's 6th District people are good-hearted and hard-working, but many are struggling every day to get by.

We need a Fresh Start - a revitalized local economy driven by small businesses and farms.

I'm running to bring that fresh start to the Blue Ridge so you and your family can thrive.


“Peter Volosin stands out as a candidate for the 6th Congressional District...His career has been working to improve the lives of other people and build a stronger economy. He supports higher wages, improved health care, improved transportation and building better communities...I believe Peter will well represent the hard working families in the 6th Congressional District."
Senator John Edwards
Virginia State Senator (D-21)
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“As a former union organizer, Peter’s been on the front lines fighting for workers’ rights. He impressed our membership with his knowledge of the issues facing our industry and his vision for the future. In Congress, we know he will be in our corner, fighting for unions. We getting on board Peter’s campaign and look forward to having this advocate for workers’ rights in Washington.”
SMART Union Transportation Division
Largest Railroad Operating Union in U.S.
Peter is by far the best choice for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District. His commitment to expanding economic opportunity, making healthcare affordable and accessible for all, expanding broadband and equipping our teachers and public school systems so our region’s children can become world-class citizens make him the right choice for the 6th district.”
Robert Jeffrey Jr.
Roanoke City Council Candidate
“He’s dedicated his years to fighting for fair wages, providing life-saving emergency care, and strengthening community bonds. He’s improved working conditions in the hospitality sector, he’s worked as an EMT (witnessing first-hand our failing ‘profit before people’ system), and more recently as a economic planner, reducing poverty and increasing economic opportunity in developing countries. Now he’s determined to change the way that Washington operates.
Run With Pride PAC
“I’m endorsing Peter Volosin because he’s the fresh voice that Roanoke needs working for us in Congress. The 6th Congressional district needs real representation, someone who will fight for inclusive, forward-looking policies at the federal level.
Djuna Osborne
Roanoke City Council Candidate
“Peter's expertise in planning and economic foresight will bring a thriving economy to our district with the humbleness of a dedicated public servant. I am happy to endorse Peter Volosin for Congress.”
Angela Lynn
Former House of Delegates Candidate for the 25th District,
Advocate for Rural Voices
As a leader and as a candidate, Peter Volosin continues to impress me. He has devoted his entire career to uplifting others and his passion for our city and region is unmatched. With someone working for us is in Washington, we can achieve the revitalized economy we want to see here in Roanoke.”
Joe Cobb
Roanoke City Council Candidate
“Equality is the core of who we are as Democrats. From equal rights, to access to healthcare, to equal opportunities to have a good life - it's what we are about. When it seems like the inequality is getting worse, it’s time to send more Democrats to Congress. I proudly endorse Peter knowing he will be a voice for equality for Virginia and our country."
Delegate Mark Levine
Virginia House of Delegates (D-45),
Journalist & Activist for Equality

"I'm running for Congress because you deserve to pursue the American Dream and to make your children's future better."

Peter Volosin is an economic planner, former first-responder and son of the Blue Ridge. As Congressman, he'll create new solutions to uproot the challenges that are facing everyday Virginians.

Support Peter Today

Peter will make your voice heard loud and clear in Washington.

“If no one in the government has your back, how are hardworking people like you supposed to provide for their families?”

Peter will fight to get you the tools you need. Together, we can create new growth and new opportunities for our home. Learn more about Peter's priorities.

Building a Home-Grown Economy

For many in our district, their future is still uncertain. My priority in Congress will be to create jobs for our region so that people can get ahead, not just get by. That means growing our own local industries - supporting small, hometown and high-growth businesses, which create good-paying jobs that stay rooted in our communities.

A Fertile Future for Agriculture

The bounty of the Blue Ridge has fed our families and the nation for generations. To ensure our soil continues to provide for years to come, we need to become leaders in agriculture by boldly shifting to new farming techniques that improve our produce and air quality. We need to help farmers transition to the latest technologies and techniques and promote farming to new generations.

Protecting the Natural Beauty of Virginia

Our mountains, rivers, and national parks are part of our identity, and this natural beauty is worthy of our protection. With better connections via rail, road and air, I envision a thriving eco-tourism industry with hikers, campers, and day-trippers seeking a natural, relaxing getaway. I want us to grow our own jobs here in the Blue Ridge, and that starts by protecting our environment and investing in infrastructure.

Making Healthcare Human

Healthcare should be affordable and accessible - end of story. In Congress, my first priority will be to stabilize the healthcare market. The efforts to "Repeal and Replace" without an actual replacement health system are wreaking havoc on premiums, and deductibles. Until Congress gets serious on healthcare, we'll pay more to get less. I will work to create a system that is affordable and protects, not preys on people. 

World-Class Education for Our Children

For the Blue Ridge to thrive in our fast-paced, technological world, our children need to have a top-notch education - but one that doesn't pull families into insurmountable debt. My priority in Congress will be to support our public school systems. From pre-K to college, Congress needs to act now to make sure the American education system is world-class, affordable and relevant to the changing needs of our students.

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