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Roanoke is a city in transition. The major industries that drove the valley’s economy for over 100 years are being replaced, and that brings new challenges in housing, infrastructure, and quality of life. We need the right leadership to navigate the city through this time of transformation successfully.

You deserve to live in a place of opportunity where you and your family can flourish.

We need to stay connected through our growth and progress. Whether you want to expand your business, ensure your kids are getting a great education, or gain easier access to essential services, we share the same goal: a Roanoke of sustained opportunity that serves the needs of all its residents.

"I'm running to bring a new vision to the valley."

Peter is an economic planner, former first-responder and Roanoke city native. As a City Council member, he'll find practical long-term solutions to solve the challenges that are facing everyday Roanokers.

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Peter will make your voice heard loud and clear in City Council.

“If no one in the government has your back, how are hardworking people like you supposed to provide for your families?”

We all want to build a good life, but it’s hard to do without the right tools. Peter is committed to getting you the tools you need to succeed. Together, we can create viable growth and sustainable opportunities for the Star City. Learn more about Peter's priorities.

Boosting Local Business

Business thrives in communities where there are opportunities for mixed use development. We see this in active commercial centers all around the city and the growth of downtown living, the success of Grandin Village, and the regeneration of Wasena. Roanoke should foster this enterprising spirit by reducing the cost of doing business in the city, supporting and promoting its local businesses, attracting new developments around improved infrastructure, and incentivizing small business incubation centers...

Educating our Future

One of the largest functions of local government is to ensure that our children receive a world class education. The last recession hit education funding especially hard, yet access to quality education is one of the best indicators of future success for a child. We need to know that our programming is preparing students to succeed in a 21st century world...

Strong Neighborhoods

Housing is our most basic human need. Right now, we’re seeing cities across the nation face affordable housing crises due to shortsightedness and poor planning. We’ve learned some valuable lessons and have a better understanding of how communities thrive, and that’s through being connected--not isolated. Peter has shown his commitment to housing as Chair of the Roanoke Fair Housing Board...

Reliable Roads and Internet

True community is created when we all feel connected. Our infrastructure is what connects us all. Whether we’re using it to get to school or work, grow our business, or enjoy some recreation time, we need to know it’s accessible and reliable. As an economic planner, Peter has experience developing mobility networks that connect neighborhoods and cities to the world. Targeted upgrades to infrastructure can create big jumps in quality of life and economic development. Peter will work to develop our mobility network by...

Outstanding Quality of Life

You work hard and should be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Roanoke is a beautiful city with many recreational opportunities, and our natural beauty and resources should be protected so we can enjoy them for many years to come. Flooding has historically been a challenge, so creating parks and urban landscapes that mitigate runoff should be a priority, as well as promoting environmentally friendly building materials and practices...

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