Sen. John Edwards - (D) Roanoke

Peter Volosin stands out as a candidate for the 6th Congressional District. Born and raised in Roanoke, he received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and a Master’s Degree from Georgetown University. His career has been working to improve the lives of other people and build a stronger economy. He supports higher wages, improved health care, improved transportation and building better communities. Peter has experience as a economic planner, promoting healthier neighborhoods, reducing poverty, creating jobs, and reducing the risks due to climate change,” the Senator added. “As a student he was an outstanding athlete and qualified for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Trials as a swimmer. I believe Peter will well represent the hard working families in the 6th Congressional District.”

Roanoke City Councilwoman Djuna Osborne

“I’m endorsing Peter Volosin because he’s the fresh voice that Roanoke needs working for us in Congress. The 6th Congressional district needs real representation, someone who will fight for inclusive, forward-looking policies at the federal level. We need someone who will make sure everyone has quality healthcare, helps us transition towards a renewable energy economy, and who will seriously address the opioid epidemic.”

Roanoke City Vice-Mayor Joe Cobb

“As a leader and as a candidate, Peter Volosin continues to impress me. He has devoted his entire career to uplifting others and his passion for our city and region is unmatched. With someone working for us is in Washington, we can achieve the revitalized economy we want to see here in Roanoke.”

SMART Union - Transportation Division

“As a former union organizer, Peter’s been on the front lines fighting for workers’ rights. He impressed our membership with his knowledge of the issues facing our industry and his vision for the future. In Congress, we know he will be in our corner, fighting for unions. We are getting on board Peter’s campaign and look forward to having this advocate for workers’ rights in Washington.” 

Roanoke County Clerk of the Circuit Court
Steve McGraw

“Beyond a doubt, Peter Volosin is the most qualified person to run for Congress in the 6th District in years. As a union organizer, EMT, and now an economic planner, Peter has the experience we need. In all he does, Peter exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Peter will use those qualities to bring progress on jobs, healthcare and infrastructure development to the Blue Ridge. Those qualities will also serve him when he reaches across the aisle. We need a Fresh Start in the Blue Ridge. Peter Volosin is that Fresh Start.”

Roanoke City Council Candidate Robert Jeffrey Jr.

“Peter is by far the best choice for Virginia’s 6th Congressional District. His commitment to expanding economic opportunity, making healthcare affordable and accessible for all, expanding broadband and equipping our teachers and public school systems so our region’s children can become world-class citizens make him the right choice for the 6th district.”

Former House of Delegates Candidate & Rural Issues Advocate Angela Lynn

“Our Commonwealth needs more representatives like Peter Volosin in Congress.Peter will focus on building strength in our rural districts by addressing the people and their needs. Peter's expertise in planning and economic foresight will bring a thriving economy to our district with the humbleness of a dedicated public servant. I am happy to endorse Peter Volosin for Congress.”

Senator Adam Ebbin

“Thomas Jefferson once said ‘In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock’. Peter is a principled progressive who will fight for our values in Congress. I’ve learned in my 15 years in the General Assembly what it takes to be a great legislator, and Peter will be just that.”

Delegate Mark Levine

“Equality is the core of who we are as Democrats. From equal rights to access to healthcare, to equal opportunities to have a good life - it's what we are about. When it seems like the inequality is getting worse, it’s time to send more Democrats to Congress. I proudly endorse Peter knowing he will be a voice for equality for Virginia and our country.”

Run with Pride

“He’s dedicated his years to fighting for fair wages, providing life-saving emergency care, and strengthening community bonds. He’s improved working conditions in the hospitality sector, he’s worked as an EMT (witnessing first-hand our failing ‘profit before people’ system), and more recently as a economic planner, reducing poverty and increasing economic opportunity in developing countries. Now he’s determined to change the way that Washington operates.”

Virginia Anti-Bullying And Discrimination Action Network

“VABADAN is proud to unanimously endorse Peter Volosin. Mr. Volosin supports increased funding for public schools and has stated commitment to equality and diversity and to ensure that students are protected in inclusive environments no matter their color, creed, religion, LGBTQIA identifier, gender, gender identity, disability, or immigration status. This commitment to diversity and funding for education has given the members of the VABADAN endorsement committee hope that Mr. Volosin may be the champion needed to pioneer new legislation that would undo or stem the tidal wave of damage that the DeVos leadership of the Department of Education has created.

Volosin has the background, education, and experience to effectively lead in Congress and fight on the most important education, healthcare, and immigration issues that stand in debate at this time. Additionally, Volosin is the only candidate in CD6 that has demonstrated understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and Every Student Succeeds Act and the importance that they have to those students with disabilities. His commitment to educate every child, and push for funding and improvement in urban school districts as well as rural districts will help provide opportunities and advancement for all students and end the school to prison pipeline.”

Advocacy Organizations

90for90.org - Voting rights
LEAP-Forward - Gun safety

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